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Analysis of characteristics of triangular three-dimensional packaging machine


The main purpose of the triangular three-dimensional packaging machine:
This machine is suitable for automatic packaging of loose, non-sticky granular materials such as nuts, dried fruits, peanuts, digital biscuits, etc. in medicine, daily chemicals, food, pesticides, plastic products and special industries.
The nylon triangle tea bag is made of imported Japanese environmentally-friendly nylon and non-woven fabric. It is a non-toxic, bacteria-free, heat-resistant and high-quality food grade filter material that has been tested by the national security. The monochrome printing surface of the paper on the packaging is also Made from non-toxic edible inks imported from Japan, it is 100% degradable and reduces environmental pollution.
Triangular three-dimensional packaging machine performance characteristics:
 1. By the ultrasonic sealing method, it is possible to produce a tea bag with outstanding extraction and beautiful appearance.
 2. Packing capacity is 2000-2400 bags / hour.
3. Labeled tea bags can be easily produced with labeled packaging materials.
4. The sliding volumetric metering method makes it easy to change the packing.
5. According to the shape of the customer's tea, the electronic scale can be measured.
6. Pneumatic original parts are used in Japan MSC, electrical originals with Schneider Germany.
7, using Japan's Mitsubishi PLC controller. Touch screen operation for more stable performance and simpler operation
The main performance and characteristics of the triangle package food packaging machine: 1, can automatically complete the filling, metering, bag making, sealing, cutting, counting, hot pressing batch number and other work in the packaging process, the photoelectric tracking target positioning does not need to be adjusted.

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