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Herbal tea packaging machine mainly packs those things


The herbal tea packaging machine is suitable for packaging granular tea and strips of green tea, black tea, flower tea, flower and fruit tea, Babao tea, Chinese tea, health tea, Chinese herbal tea, coffee, etc.
Green tea: The processing of green tea is divided into three steps: greening, sputum and drying. The key is to kill. The fresh leaves pass through the killing, the activity of the enzyme is passivated, and the various chemical components contained therein are basically physico-chemical changes by the action of heat under the condition of no enzyme influence, thereby forming the quality characteristics of the green tea. Drinking green tea can prevent cancer, reduce fat and lose weight, and it can also reduce the nicotine damage it receives.
Huacha: A tea made from the flowers or leaves of a plant or its fruit. It is a unique type of reprocessed tea in China. Many kinds of scented teas include magnolia tea, osmanthus tea, bougainvillea tea, rose tea, and scented tea. Ordinary flower tea is made from green tea and is also made from black tea.
Babao tea: Babao tea, as the name suggests, there are eight kinds of materials, generally there are tea, red dates, medlar, walnuts, longan, sesame, raisins, chrysanthemums, etc., can also add different ingredients according to personal preferences. Put the eight ingredients into the bowl and simmer in the hot water and roll in the bowl. Cover and wait for two to three minutes to enjoy a drink.
Chinese herbal tea: In China, herbal tea has a long history of disease. As early as in the Tang Dynasty, there was a saying that “medicine treatment is a hundred diseases, and tea cures all diseases”. Nowadays, in the pharmacy, the "Chinese herbal tea" placed outside the counter can be seen everywhere. It has the same effect, anti-disease and fitness, and has extraordinary effects. When the cold is popular, it is advisable to choose a cure for the cold "Chinese herbal tea" to drive away the cold.
Flower tea packaging machine performance characteristics:
1. Through the ultrasonic sealing and cutting, the triangle three-dimensional tea bag with beautiful bag shape and firm sealing is produced;
2, automatic quantitative measurement method can easily change the amount of filler in the production process;
3, using Siemens PLC control, touch screen operation: more stable performance, simpler operation, more humane;
4, SMC pneumatic components, Schneider Electric originals, extend the life of the machine.

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