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Never use plastic containers again


Plastics play an important role in modern society. It is one of the main raw materials for the manufacture of cars, computers, mobile phones and toys, and is one of the materials commonly used in our daily life. But its common function is to serve as a container for food and drinks. It is well known that plastics are made of toxic materials that penetrate into any place where they come into contact. If these compounds are ingested, they will cause great harm to the human body.
As you get older, your body begins to suffer from a variety of problems. But is the problem only due to age, or is it because the body has accumulated too much toxin? It is widely recognized that the proportion of cancer, Alzheimer's disease, arthritis, heart disease, visual impairment and many other diseases is on the rise. Perhaps this is because we use plastic products more in our daily lives. Plastic containers for food and beverages have been popular since the 1970s and have been around since then. But more and more studies have confirmed that toxic compounds in plastics can cause many health problems.
Toxic compounds in plastic can cause millions of infertility, and many studies have confirmed this. For example, almost all plastics contain certain toxic chemicals that can negatively affect immunity and hormonal regulation, both of which directly affect fertility. In particular, bisphenol A has been found to make it difficult for women to become pregnant and increase the risk of miscarriage. The new zui study also found that toxins in plastics can cause birth defects and child development problems.

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