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The trend of balers


The information of the comprehensive domestic packaging market can be invented. Nowadays, the wrap-around machinery with strong market demand includes balers, vacuum packaging machines, winding machines, molding machines, and the like.
With the continuous development of the food industry, the global vision has coincidentally invested in this mall with large planning, great influence and unlimited potential. The methods of logistics and transportation are the conditions for the flow of the output products. Because the baler can make the packing belt close to the appearance of the bundled package, the package and the package are not scattered during transportation and storage, and they are not scattered. A series of worries should be bundled and beautiful, and the demand for the mall will continue to grow.
Analysis of the development trend of balers
In recent years, domestic baler manufacturers have adopted a new standard of foreign standards and applied foreign advanced technology, which has improved the standard level, design and manufacturing technology and product quality of balers, such as the automatic baler of Spark Machinery. In terms of performance, it has reached the advanced level of similar foreign equipment, and can be automatically positioned, bundled, indexed, and used for cross-type and well-type pattern binding, using microcomputer control to realize unmanned automatic strapping production line, domestic baler The development trend is extending to the full automation, transformation and diversification.
Domestically produced, it is also used in the development of balers for various purposes, such as compression balers; development of heavy-duty belts, polyester belts, etc. instead of steel belts, such as automatic balers; development of foam belts, soft belts, etc. for desktop balers Develop balers for different height and low objects, such as side and high balers. Improve the automation degree of the single machine, after the package is fed from the conveying device, the baling machine can be automatically positioned, bundled, indexed, and tied in a cross shape, a well-shaped shape, etc.; the microcomputer control is used to realize an unmanned automatic strapping production line. Develop a baler that is tightly adjusted to tighten the force, improve the adaptability of the automatic baler in terms of bandwidth, strapping specifications, table height, and strapping capabilities.
In general, the future development of domestic and foreign balers is mainly in the following aspects:
*, the demand for the existing baler construction stop to improve, improve the convenience of the baler;
Secondly, the development of the new plate hammer data with high wear resistance and high toughness is used to improve the service life of the hammer and improve the consumption rate;
Third, the application of modern mechatronics technology and modern control methods (such as hydraulic technology, electronic technology), from time to time to improve the automation level of the baler, reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve consumption rate;
Fourth, in order to meet the needs of the market and customers, the balers are being serialized and standardized. ;
Fifth, adhere to technological innovation and gradually get rid of the single introduction and simulation of products. Research and development of self-learning of progressive balers.
According to the current state of the industry, the company will continue to encourage high-tech skills by means of joint stocks, mutual assistance, transfer of permits, etc., but it is necessary to guard against the signs of foreign-funded joint-stock companies wrestling domestic enterprises; and formulate corresponding policies to encourage enterprises to increase technology and products. Pioneering investment, focusing on supporting energy-saving plastic injection molding machine, hydraulic baler, winding machine, vacuum packaging machine, lightweight technology and equipment for plastic products, as well as independent research and development of low-pollution plastic recycling and other skills and equipment; In the middle of the enterprise skills, the research institutes will help establish the R&D institutions of plastic presses, actively use the government's innovation funds, and improve the independent development and innovation of domestic enterprises. Only in this way will China's food packaging industry take it to the next level!

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