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Improve packaging machinery automation needs to start from multiple parties


Rapid economic development, continuous improvement of the quality of social life, stimulating the market's demand for packaging is diversified, and the requirements for packaging machinery are getting higher and higher. At present, the automation of the domestic packaging machinery industry is not high, and domestic packaging machinery is still in the imitation The foreign product stage has caused confusion in the packaging machinery industry. How to improve the automation level of domestic packaging machinery, how to stand firm in the competitive market under the premise of adapting to the development of the times, in the series of problems in the packaging machinery industry, we specially visited Delta-Zhongda Dentsu Co., Ltd. Zhou Ruihua, a senior technical expert of the company, answered us one by one. 
Q: The development of servo control technology in China is very rapid, but the development momentum in the packaging machinery industry seems to be weak. Servo control technology is one of the key factors to distinguish high, medium and low-end packaging machinery, and it is also the technical support for the upgrading of packaging machinery in China. In the current domestic packaging machinery market, what are the market and technology aspects of the competition focus of many servo control manufacturers at home and abroad? 
Zhou Ruihua: China's packaging machinery industry is in the stage of vigorous development, mainly including packaging of food, daily necessities and industrial supplies. There are many kinds of equipment involved, such as pillow packaging, horizontal packaging machine, granule packing machine, filling machine, etc. In general, the level of automation is relatively backward. Servo technology has gained rapid growth as equipment manufacturers upgrade their mechanical transmission solutions to electronic shaft transmission solutions. Control and drive technology is a key technology in the field of packaging machinery applications. By using high-performance electrical products, it improves the stability and high responsiveness of electrical control systems, reduces mechanical transmission, extends equipment life, reduces customer maintenance costs, and enhances The market competitiveness of products has become the trend of product development in the packaging industry. Among them, Japanese brands and domestic brands are more focused on the driving field, preferring single-machine automation. The European brand is mainly used in the application and development of automated packaging production lines. 
The innovation of Delta Automation lies in its close proximity to the needs of the industry. It is good at helping customers improve efficiency, save energy and reduce consumption through overall solution. Over the years, in the packaging machinery industry, we have developed a number of popular comprehensive solutions. 
Q: The improvement of servo control technology means the upgrading of packaging machinery. In addition to the accurate position control and strict speed synchronization requirements of the servo control technology, how to play its role to promote the high automation of packaging machinery? 
Zhou Ruihua: In response to a series of new demands in the packaging industry, Delta has a packaging industry department. Senior industry experts focus on the development trend of the global packaging industry and develop products and solutions with industry advantages. For example, DVP-10MC bus motion controller, DVP-10PM compact motion controller; ASDA-A2 high-resolution communication servo controller with built-in packaging industry-specific flying shear and color mark synchronization correction function library; built-in rewinding tension control and C2000 AC drive with flying shear function, HMC controller supporting DMCNET display and control. 
Among them, Delta servo control system - ASDA-A2 high resolution communication type servo controller, with high resolution, high response, built-in internal control and electronic cam function, can realize axis motion control, bus structure support CANopen, DMCNET, EtherCAT, etc., high-speed fieldbus can be used with different upper-level controls for control purposes. The ASDA-M series servos go beyond the single-machine thinking mode, and the three servos are integrated in the same frame. There is no time delay for exchanging data between the axes. The function of the built-in small PLC is simple. 
Q: In order to adapt to the fierce competition in the market, the major companies are getting shorter and shorter. For example, the production of cosmetics can generally be changed in three years, even in a quarter, and the production volume is relatively large. Therefore, the flexibility and flexibility of packaging machinery are very high: the life of packaging machinery is far greater. In the life cycle of the product. How does servo control respond to this demand from the packaging industry for packaging machinery? Among them, what kind of help should machine vision play? 
Zhou Ruihua: Delta servo has built-in various functional modules with flexible adjustment space. The flying shear curve can be modified online. It also has color mark correction function, high-speed grabbing and comparison function, cam alignment function, which can be very good. Phase correction, air defense and anti-cut processing, automatic film handling, and only need to change the cam online for different packaging types. Excellent servo characteristics and built-in complete packaging machinery control solution can not only meet the diversified production requirements of packaging machinery, but also achieve high speed, high precision packaging, less material waste and high production efficiency. 
Machine vision is a sufficient condition for the realization of packaging machinery and high-precision packaging, especially in industries with high finished products, such as the pharmaceutical packaging industry, the requirements for detailed inspection are very high. Delta has developed the DMV machine vision system for this demand in the pharmaceutical industry. The DMV machine vision controller is equipped with a complete light source and is compatible with standard IEEE1394 CCD lenses. It can accurately identify, locate and track components. At the same time, it uses high-speed DSP processing chips to quickly process large amounts of information, through Industrial Ethernet, RS232, RS485. The communication interface is quickly connected with external devices and supports SD cards and storage devices. Machine vision and servo technology drive the process of fully automated and unmanned packaging lines. 
Q: Integration technology is developing rapidly in the packaging industry. There are many types of packaging machinery and equipment. The interface between different manufacturers' products, docking, equipment and industrial computer, and the transmission method between information and equipment have encountered great difficulties. How do you solve this problem and what do you think of it? The current packaging machinery industry needs an overall servo control solution, not a single product. What measures does Delta have for this? What are the advantages? 
Zhou Ruihua: For the interface docking and communication problems of different manufacturers, it is necessary to establish an industry standard. For example, the product interfaces of different manufacturers need to have a standard protocol interface to realize the Internet of Things. All high-speed fieldbuses supported by Delta's products, such as Canopen, DMCNET, EtherCat, etc., CANopen, EtherCAT support common protocols, and can also be quickly connected to external devices through industrial Ethernet network, RS232, RS485 communication interface, very convenient Solved the problem of industrial field communication. 
Delta has a very rich product line, and has been deeply involved in the packaging industry for many years. It has set up a packaging industry department, and has industry experts to integrate products and design and launch many unique industry solutions. Such as: full servo pillow packaging machine system control program, full servo wound patch packaging production line, three servo pillow candy packaging program, vision system + mechanical arm integrated solution, etc., each solution is very suitable for domestic users. 
Q: Informatization is the general trend of economic and social development in the world today. It is the key link for industrial optimization and upgrading and industrialization and modernization. The integration of informationization and industrial automation has triggered the transformation of production methods and promoted the transformation of development mode. For the packaging industry, informationization is also an inevitable trend. Please tell us about the current development of automation and information integration in the packaging industry. In the future development, how to do a good job of the integration of the packaging machinery industry, please talk about your views. 
Zhou Ruihua: With the development of sensing technology and the Internet of Things, informatization has been deepening in various industries of industrial automation, and the integration has become more and more close. The rapid development of Internet technology, the arrival of the era of big data, the continuous follow-up of cloud technology has urged the traditional automation industry to innovate and change, providing sufficient energy sources for the development of industrial automation network, such as the development of e-commerce, promoting The upgrade of intelligent warehousing, through the combination of online and offline, directly extends to warehousing management, improving the circulation rate and turnover rate of goods, and the server response is slow and even affects the timeliness of data through a large number of terminal access servers. With the introduction of cloud computing technology, this problem can be effectively solved, so Ethernet communication technology plays a decisive role in the choice of communication methods. The stable development of network technology can integrate various production terminal equipments into one platform, and can dynamically understand the operation status, production situation, maintenance and support situation of different production terminal equipments in real time, and improve equipment utilization rate according to actual orders. The demand for equipment boot control, promote the further development of the production management system, improve the company's production efficiency.
The packaging industry combines the trend of informationization, makes full use of servo technology, continuously strengthens the automation of production, and constantly improves the automatic transmission of product model information between product design and process design in the era of big data, and automatically transmits product information between process design and manufacturing. The transmission of information between the manufacturing system and the operation management system accelerates the pace of industrial automation to achieve networking.

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