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Shanghai Saifeng Longjiayue: Success is to let yourself have no retreat


In the field of packaging industry, there are some companies that do not rely on big brands in the industry, but they demand themselves with the high quality of big brands; they abandon the follow-up and focus on product development; they abandon the disorderly competition of price wars. Winning with quality and service; they are technicalists, exploiting the market with their own hard work, they are realism, innovative products with customer needs.

Originated from Shanghai Saifeng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Safran), it is a leader in the food packaging industry, and believes in the business philosophy of “people-oriented, material-oriented, and principle-oriented”, with technical design and consultation. , manufacturing, sales and service as one, all-in-one, excellence and build Safran brand, promote Safran into the ranks of similar advanced enterprises.

Shanghai Saifeng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

Success is to let yourself have no way out

He has developed a small company of 150 square meters into a large enterprise with more than 2,000 square meters of factory buildings. Under his leadership, Safran’s sales this year have increased by 40% compared with last year. He is the leader of Safran. Jump to the total. Being in the current position and height, "putting to die and then be born" may be a good explanation for the success of Long Jiayue. To this end, Long Jiayue said: "When you make a decision, you can only go forward without leaving the road after Zui, regardless of business or technology."

It is in this spirit that Safran has gained a certain reputation in the industry from obscurity to the present. The product sales have not only spread to 23 provinces and cities nationwide, but also exported to Southeast Asia, South America, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa. . Won the favor and praise of consumers at home and abroad. Talking about the reason for the substantial increase in sales this year, Long Jiayue said: "This has something to do with the improvement of the market situation, but more is the internal adjustment of the company this year, and the actions taken to drive the sales company, mainly There are two points: First, the quality assurance and innovation of the equipment itself, the company will launch one or two new products each year to increase product competitiveness. On the other hand, in product marketing management, the company has increased advertising, exhibitions and networks this year. Promotion, using a combination of online and offline communication strategies."

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The rapid development of the food industry is inseparable from the assistance of the packaging machinery industry. Granule packaging machines, powder packaging machines, liquid packaging machines, etc. all play a role in the appropriate food packaging field. As a sunrise industry, the competition in the food packaging machinery industry is fierce. Therefore, packaging machinery companies will choose their own more advantageous product lines as a breakthrough point to develop themselves. As a member of the packaging industry, Saifeng has found its position at the beginning. “Compared with the big companies in the industry, there may be a certain gap between Safran, but Saifeng has great advantages in tea packaging. Regardless of the technology or the market, Safran chose to produce tea packaging and research and development equipment that is basically not available in the market."

At the same time, in the exhibition promotion, the large-scale exhibition of packaging machinery, Long Jiayue generally does not participate, but choose the exhibition of tea roasted seeds and nuts, such as: Shanghai May tea fair, Hefei roasted seeds and nuts exhibition. In this way, it avoids the positive conflicts with large enterprises and highlights their own advantages, thus developing more potential customers.

Continuous innovation under customer demand

With the development of China's packaging industry, China's packaging machinery has also made considerable progress, but it has also exposed many problems in the development process. Due to the low barriers to intervention in the packaging machinery industry, this has also led to the price war becoming a market. Competition is normal. Therefore, innovation is an essential part of achieving sustainable development in the development of the industry. Long Jiayue is also well aware of this. In this regard, he admits that Safran is more inclined to develop equipment that is basically not available in the market. Whether it is a tea packaging machine or other types of packaging machines, Safran will take advantage of the opportunity to participate in the exhibition and conduct research based on customer feedback to develop new equipment. Of course, as the forerunner of the tea packaging industry, Safran has no shortage of boutiques. In May 2012, Safran exhibited a triangular bag tea high-speed packaging machine independently developed by the domestic * Taiwan at the Shanghai Tea Expo.

However, for enterprise development, innovation is still far from enough. Continuous innovation will not stop. With the advancement of science and technology, the cycle of a new product from development to market is getting shorter and shorter, and its vitality is only one to two years. The imitation of enterprises in the industry and the structure and form of packaging are also increasingly diversified, which has a great impact on the development of innovative packaging companies. Therefore, Long Jiayue suggested that packaging machinery enterprises should keep up with the pace of technological development, develop and develop high-tech and modern packaging machinery. At the same time, we must increase the awareness of intellectual property protection.

At the same time, Long Jiayue also said that the lack of standards is also an important reason for imitation and blind development, so the establishment of industry standards is extremely important. Indeed, the standards and guiding norms of China's existing packaging machinery have not adapted to the development requirements of globalization. To a large extent, China lacks advanced and applicable technical standards and norms that meet internationally accepted requirements. We are now actively citing EU standards. And international standards, develop or revise domestic technical standards, and change the backwardness of China's technical standards as soon as possible.

From the conversation, the author saw the enthusiasm of Dragon in the development of the enterprise. From the hardships at the beginning of the venture to the success of today, Safran witnessed his journey. In the future, Safran will also establish a foreign trade department and strongly intervene in foreign markets. In the next year or the following year, when the tea packaging machine reaches saturation, the Safran will use the sales strategy of buying consumables to meet the market demand. Perhaps this is another decision of "death and death", but who can say that Safran will not create a strong market of its own?

At present, Safran produces and sells triangular teabag packaging machines, tea packaging machines, granule packaging machines, powder packaging machines, and sauce liquid packaging machines.

Description: Shanghai Saifeng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Jiaqi Machinery Co., Ltd. are the same company

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