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Bag type granule packing machine


Granular packaging performance characteristics

1. Operating noise of the whole machine: The operating noise of the equipment is within 70db (outside of 1m).

2. The equipment is sealed with a constant temperature seal.

3. The bag is opened by vacuum.

4. The device has an empty bag sealing prevention device, which controls the empty bag from being sealed and does not waste the packaging bag.

5. The packaging machine controls the action of the multiple heads to release the material without wasting material.

6. The equipment is equipped with a suitable stainless steel lower hopper according to the bag size, and the lower hopper is easy to replace.

7. The equipment is equipped with a vibration device, and the sealing and clamping phenomenon will not occur during the material packaging process.

8. When the equipment is adjusted for different products, only one rocker of the equipment needs to be adjusted to complete all the claw adjustments, and the adjustment is simple and convenient.

9. The equipment is equipped with a safety protection door. The protection door is made of transparent organic glass.


Technical Parameters




SF-200G (automatic bag feeding machine)


Eight stations

Bag material

Composite film

Bag type

Pre-made bags (flat bags, stand-up bags, M bags)

Bag adjustment range

Bag width: 150-200mm Bag length: ≤350mm

Fill range

100-500g (can be customized)

Measurement accuracy

≤±1g (depending on the amount and material)

Running speed

≤55 bags / minute

Packing speed

Speed is determined by the product itself and the package type and filling weight

Upper bag form

Take the bag vertically

Sealing form

Netted, double seal (optional)


Three-phase 380V 50HZ

equipment power

(Three-phase) bag packaging machine 2 KW+ hoist 0.75KW + (single phase) 10 heads weighing 1.5KW

Compressed air

0.6m3/min (supply by user) (customer-supplied) (recommended screw air compressor)

Equipment size

4500mm (length) * 2500mm (width) * 3700mm (height)

Complete weight

About 2800kg






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