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SF-420 automatic powder packaging machine


Features of powder packaging machine:

1. Use screw machine to complete measurement and filling. It is suitable for measuring those powdery materials that are easy to flow or have poor fluidity.

2. Adopting servo drive system, high precision and stable performance.

3, stainless steel open type bin is easy to clean.

4. Equipped with safety protection, meeting the requirements of enterprise safety management.

5. Intelligent temperature controller is adopted for accurate temperature control and beautiful sealing.

6. It adopts a PLC double-pull structure paper feeding system, and the sealing and cutting positions are automatically corrected by motors. The touch screen mechanism drives the control core, which improves the overall control accuracy, reliability, and intelligence.

7. The machine can complete the whole process of product measurement, feeding, filling bag making, inflation (exhaust), date printing, and complete the counting automatically.

8. It has a fault display system to help troubleshoot in time.

9, can be made into pillow-shaped bags, perforated bags according to customer needs.

Optional device:

1, Vacuum cleaner

2, Angle device

Uses: Suitable for automatic measurement of powdered materials such as milk powder, rice flour, milk tea powder, starch, protein powder, seasoning and so on.

Technical Parameters

Product number


Bag size

L80-300mm W80-200mm

Packing speed

25-70 packs / minute

Packaging range

50-200g each time

Power and power

220V, 50-60Hz, 3.0KW

Compressed air usage

6-8kg/m2, 0.25m3/min

Total Weight




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