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SF-50T triangle tea bag inside and outside bag integrated machine


  Performance characteristics

  1. The inner bag is cut through ultrasonic sealing to produce a triangular tea bag with a beautiful appearance.

  2. The inner and outer packaging capacity of the triangular bag is 1800-2200 bags/hour.

  3. Labeled packaging materials can be used to easily produce labeled tea bags.

  4. The sliding volume metering method can easily change the filling.

  5. Electronic scales can be selected according to the shape of the customer’s tea.

  6. SMC for pneumatic components and Schneider for electrical components.

  7. Fuji's touch screen operation is adopted.

  8. The triangle tea bag machine is connected to the vertical packaging machine to realize independent packaging of one bag and one bubble


Index and description
Number of unwinding
1 piece
Particle content
≤2±0.5 g / bag (other specifications can be customized)
Bag paper requirements
Inner bag: ultrasonic sealing material
Outer bag: heat-sealed composite film
Production speed
30~36 bags/min
Unwinding outer diameter
Inner diameter of unwinding paper core
Air pressure
≥0.6Mpa (gas supplied by customized party)
1 person
Electric power of the motor in the machine
About 3.5Kw (220V) (subject to design)
Equipment appearance
About L 900×W 660×H 2100 (㎜)
equipment weight
About 800㎏

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