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Triangle bag tea packaging machine


Scope of application

Green tea, black tea, flower tea, Pu'er tea, formula tea, eight treasure tea, health tea, Chinese herbal medicine pieces, etc.

Performance characteristics

1. Through the ultrasonic sealing and cutting, the triangle three-dimensional tea bag with beautiful bag shape and firm sealing is produced.

2. Automatic quantitative measurement method can easily change the filler during the production process

3. Adopt Siemens PLC control, touch screen operation, more stable performance, simpler operation and more user-friendly

4.SMC pneumatic components, Schneider electrical components, extend the life of the machine

5. Mechatronics design, no data need to stop / shut down

6. Packing capacity: SF-50SJ-4T 2100-3000 packs/hour, SF-50SJ-6T 2700-3600 packs/hour

7. Use the belt with the label material to produce a tea bag with hanging line

8. Triangular cone and four-corner flat bag production process with one button switching

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