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Introduce the performance characteristics of multi-functional tea filling machine


Multifunctional tea packaging machine performance characteristics:

 1. By the ultrasonic sealing method, it is possible to produce a tea bag with outstanding extraction and beautiful appearance.

 2. Packing capacity of 2000-3000 bags / hour.

3. Labeled tea bags can be easily produced with labeled packaging materials.

4. Automatic quantitative metering makes it easy to change the fill.

5. According to the shape of the customer's tea, the electronic scale measurement and the sliding measuring cup can be selected.

6. Pneumatic original parts are made of Japanese SMC and original electric parts with Schneider Germany.

7, using Siemens PLC controller. The touch screen operation makes the performance more stable, the operation is simpler and more humanized. The multi-functional tea dispensing machine adopts advanced production technology and has the advantages of fast dispensing speed, high precision and good stability. The multi-functional tea filling machine is suitable for all kinds of rice, cereals, herbs, tea, dry goods, parts, fruits, seasonings, Seeds, powders, fertilizers, etc. are quantitatively dispensed. Multi-functional tea packaging machine with high speed, high precision and stable performance. Scope of application: green tea, black tea, flower tea, flower and fruit tea, eight-treasure tea and other raw tea small granular and strip-shaped quantitative packaging. The company is a company that integrates technology design, consulting, manufacturing, sales and service. Safran people have implemented the business philosophy of “People-oriented, material-oriented, and principle-oriented” from the beginning, and they have built a brand with excellence and excellence. Main products: hanging ear coffee packaging machine, nut packaging machine, nylon triangle bag tea packaging machine, triangle bag inside and outside bag packaging machine, multi-functional tea filling machine, etc., welcome customers to come to consult.

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