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Nylon labeling machine introduction


Safran's new research and development triangle bag tea bag nylon mesh cloth line stickers tag machine can be attached to the line length of 170mm long line mark,
Product introduction
Shanghai Jiaqi Machinery Co., Ltd. supplies triangle bag tea bag nylon film consumables sticking line tag tag machine, mature technology, stable performance, welcome new and old customers
Detailed introduction
Two: labeling related parameters
1: Marking speed: 48-52 / min
2: Can use mesh material:
A. Non-woven fabric
B. Nylon mesh (PP film, PET film)
C. Corn degradable mesh. (with cotton thread and label for special materials)
Features: It can control the adhesion fastness and effect, and the trigger type ultrasonic has high stability. The failure rate is extremely low.
3: Available packaging material size: width: 120mm~180mm
4. The length of the line is 170mm (added to 4 points)
Three: Machine features:
1. Multi-point light control detection, no gaps in mesh cloth, missing stickers and other fitting failures.
2. Full parameter touch screen setting (line length, bag length, label length)
3. High-precision receiver wind film has a high degree of compaction.
4. Fully high precision servo control, up to 0.1mm.
5: Bonding method: 4 sets of ultrasonic control.
Four: Machine parameters:
1: Use voltage: AC220V/50Hz (the city network AC does not require three-phase power, the machine is not subject to site restrictions)
Use air pressure: 5Kg or more
2: Dimensions:
Host: length 1.2M* width 1.1M* height 1.8M (without receiving machine)
Receiver: length 0.7M* width 0.6M* height 1.3M

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